Tips To Plan A Surprise Bridal Shower

Bridal showers are held for the bride to be. It is a day where she is pampered and treated like a queen. Every bride deserves a bridal shower but the stress of planning and preparing for her wedding may make her reluctant to organize one for her. Then it is the responsibility of her best friends to hold one for her. You may choose to include her in the planning process but organising a surprise bridal shower is a great way to start the party. But as a close friend it may be hard to keep her in the dark especially with the ease of communication. But below are some tips to help you plan a surprise party for your best friend.

Guest List
Guests invited for a bridal shower are only close friends and family. So as her best friend you will probably know who exactly she expects for her party. Identifying the family guests could be harder if you arent familiar with her family. So seek help from her sibling or parent when deciding the guests. You can also seek help from the groom to be since he will also know the important people in his spouses life. Make sure to inform him not to mention it to the bride.

Deciding the perfect date can be very tricky because you must make sure the bride to be is free on that day. As her best friend you can find out her plans but do not make her suspicious due to continuous questioning. Make sure you are able to purchase all the supplies from a wedding supplies online in Australia store before the day of the party. Confirm the cake and all other orders before setting the date.

Choosing the perfect bridal shower decorations can be hectic because you cant consult your best friend when making decisions but you want her to love it. Based on her choices you could purchase the decoration. There are many lovely options you can choose from even simple rustic wedding decorations can be used for the bridal shower party.

The Guests
You can ask your mutual friends of you and the bride to be to help you prepare the surprise bridal shower. But be cautious when planning and preparing for it. Always ensure that the bride to be isnt present when making such plans. Also inform all other guests that it is a surprise party therefore the bride must always be kept in the dark. It is very easy for the secret to leak therefore consider informing guests fees days before the party. For more information, please log on to